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With more than 44,000 employees and 1,600 locations worldwide, the LKQ Nation is the driving force behind our success.  Join our team and drive your career forward.

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LKQ Corporation is constantly looking for ambitious and motivated employees looking to be part of our growing network. Check out the career pages below to see if there is a job for you.

LKQ Corporation Recognized as a 5-Star Employer in North America

In August 2021, WorkBuzz invited LKQ Corporation’s employees in North America to provide confidential feedback about their experiences working for LKQ. The survey results demonstrated extraordinarily high levels of employee engagement at LKQ compared to other businesses of a similar size.  

“We are humbled and delighted to receive this award. Part of our mission statement is to build strong partnerships with our employees and the communities in which we operate, and this award validates that our inclusive and engaged teams are carrying this mission forward each and every day. Our employees and the LKQ Proud culture they live and exude are simply our biggest assets,” noted Dominick Zarcone, President and Chief Executive Officer.

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LKQ North America

Our North America segment is composed of wholesale operations, which consists of aftermarket and recycled parts, self-service retail operations, and heavy truck operations.  

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LKQ Europe

LKQ Europe is the fastest growing segment of the LKQ Corporation network with operations in 21 counties throughout Europe and more then 27,000 employees servicing more than 700,000 independent wholesale customers.

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LKQ India

Started in 2008, the India operations in Bengaluru today has 800+ strong and dedicated intellectual force to deliver everyday growing demands of the global organization and the market.

LKQ India leverages LKQ global scale to create an efficient way of providing value added services to our business units across the globe. 

Our People.

With more than 44,000 employees and 1,600 locations worldwide, the LKQ Nation is the driving force behind our success. Our operations are complex, and our people run them smoothly and efficiently. Our customers require a partner they can trust, and our people go the extra mile to try to deliver beyond customer expectations.

Our Pride.

“LKQ Proud”.

This simple statement drives everything we do. It speaks to pride in ourselves and each other, pride in the Company, pride in our customers, and pride in the communities in which we serve.

(Read some of the stories which highlight our LKQ Proud To Serve Community Service initiative.)

Our Greatest Assets.

LKQ listens to its people. Everyone has a voice. In fact, many of the best ideas come from those employees who are closest to the operations and the customer. We embrace this concept through our corporate Great Ideas initiative. So many of our employees have contributed ideas on how to improve operational metrics like sales, cost, efficiency, as well as people and culture improvement initiatives. 

Our Code.

“I am proud to introduce our updated Code of Ethics (the “Code”). LKQ is a leader in our industry because we have earned the trust of our customers, suppliers and business partners by putting Integrity first in our business practices. Our Code is our global guide to keeping that trust by doing the right thing and always acting with a high level of Integrity.”

– Nick Zarcone, President & CEO, LKQ Corporation



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